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The Miss American Scholarship Program is an excellent opportunity for young women across the United States to earn scholarship money, achieve personal and professional goals, while providing a forum to express opinions, talents, and intelligence. 

The first step is the local level and the Miss Oswego County Scholarship program has opened the door for young women in our area for the past 29 years. It is now up to you to take the next step!

If you are interested in becoming a contestant in the Miss Oswego County Scholarship Pageant, please read the important information below: 

Have a question? Please contact the Miss Oswego County Executive Director, Thom Denely at

 Eligibility Requirements

The Miss Oswego County Scholarship program is open to any young woman who:

  1. is at least 17 as of the January 27, 2006 and no older than 24 on September 30, 2006; AND

  2. is a citizen of the U.S.; AND

  3. (a) is an Oswego County high school senior or graduate; OR (b) has been a resident of Oswego County for 6 months before the date of the pageant; OR (c) has been an employee (40 hrs. per week) in Oswego County for 6 months before the date of the pageant; OR (d) is a college student who has completed one semester as a full time student (minimum 12 credit hours) at SUNY Oswego or another educational institute in Oswego County and who is currently registered as a full time student at SUNY Oswego or another educational institute in Oswego County and no more than 6 months has elapsed between the first semester and the current semester.  

 Competition Requirements
  • Interview: A 12-minute private judges interview (40%);

  • Talent: A 2-minute talent presentation (30%);
  • Swimsuit: (10%);
  • Evening wear (10%).  A general knowledge question and a question regarding the contestant's platform issue will be asked on-stage during the evening wear competition.
  • Composite (10%)
 Platform Issue

A significant part of the Miss America Scholarship Program is the contestants involvement in their community. Each contestant competing at the local, state and national level must choose an issue in which they care deeply about and this is of relevance to our country.

Each Contestant is required to write three essays about her platform, here are the three questions that will need to be answered:

1.                  Clearly define the platform issue to which you are sincerely committed and for which you will be an activist during your year of service.


2.                  What, if any, are your most significant accomplishments to date in regard to your platform issue?


3.                  Specifically, what do you wish to accomplish during your year of service as an activist for your platform.